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Creating a Comfortable Environment and Construction of a City Good to Live In !

Introduction to projects

We have been able to build confidence with our customers by impeccably carrying out the construction works on various buildings which have important functions or aesthetics such as high-rise office buildings, theaters, total distribution centers, banks, schools, cultural centers, golf course club houses, and apartment complexes in addition to restoration of old buildings located within Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park of Daegu.
In addition, we have actively contributed to the completion of high quality buildings suited to the local environment which requires advanced building technology such as intelligent buildings. We have also been playing a leading role in the field of public buildings through continuous research on urban space designs.
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Creating new urban spaces using the latest construction methods and advanced technology!
Hwasung has been leading the most desirable construction culture through advanced technology and the latest construction methods. Now, Hwasung aims to create more pleasant urban spaces and environment through the creation of new spaces.
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Offices & Industrial Facilities

We present new standards in state-of-the-art intelligent buildings such as Daegu Tech’s 2nd Factory Building, the Seongseo Business Center, Dongdaemun High-tech Clothing Technology Center as well as the Daegu Trade Center which was the first to receive the Excellent Eco-friendly Certification in Daegu. In addition, we are receiving recognition for our technology which makes industrial facilities more economic and functional through our continuous R&D activities and pursuit of productivity.


Public & Spectator Facilities

Our technology used in buildings we have worked on is regarded as the best in terms of functionality and economic feasibility such as EXCO, Kim Dae Jung Convention Center, Daegu Stadium, Daegu Athletics Promotion Center, and renovation work on the Citizens’ Center at the North Seoul Dream Park.


Education/Research & Medical Facilities

We take great care in creating a comfortable indoor atmosphere to provide customers with comfort and to create beautiful aesthetics for our creations to serve as landmarks such as social welfare and medical facilities including the Rheumatoid & Degenerative Arthritis Center, Daegu Geriatic Hospital, Gimcheon Jeil Hospital; research facilities including the Renewable Energy Techno Park, Gyeongbuk Research Institute of Vehicle Embedded Technology, Gyeongsan Sapsalgae Breeding Research Center; and educational facilities including Keimyung University International House, Youngnam College of Science and Technology’s Business Incubation Center, Kyungil University Dormitory.


Distribution & Leisure Facilities

We lead the way for public health and leisure lifestyles as a developer of the local community based upon professional know-how ranging from distribution centers to leisure complexes such as the Fashion Jewelry Town, Donga Department Store, Dalseong Agricultural products Processing Center, etc.