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Creating a Comfortable Environment and Construction of a City Good to Live In !

Based upon our advance technology, we possess the best competitiveness in the field of construction engineering such as various types of development which include large-scale housing land development, land readjustment, housing complex construction projects and SOC projects of roads and rivers. Besides these, we have numerous experiences in the field of environment, machinery, electricity, and telecommunications as well as safety diagnosis and various impact evaluations (environment, traffic, disaster prevention). In addition, we have participated in the Water Saving Company (WASCO) project carried out on army bases and have successfully completed the project in Base 00 in Busan. We are currently planning to carry out the same project in multiple bases such as the Air Force Education and Training Command in Jinju and ROK Army Headquarters in Gyeryongdae.
01Basic and Working Designs in the Field of Roads and Structures

Basic and Working Designs in the Field of Roads and Structures

Eco-friendly civil structure designs with excellent durability and safety such as bridges, subway systems, tunnels, and underground spaces in addition to basic and working designs, feasibility studies, and planning of roads based on traffic
02Water Resource, Waterworks, and WASCO Business Fields

Water Resource, Waterworks, and WASCO Business Fields

Waterworks designs which allow the residents of the city to lead cultural and sanitary lives and water resource projects for the purpose of managing and developing one of the most important resources for human life.
03City Planning and Landscaping

City Planning and Landscaping

We carry out feasibility analysis on housing development projects such as new city construction, housing land development, land readjustment, redevelopment, and renovations to create a more comfortable living environment to all processes such as project planning, basic and working designs, permits. In addition, we carry out contracted projects such as government city planning, city maintenance, and cadastral notifications.
04Safety Diagnosis (bridges, tunnels, and construction)

Safety Diagnosis

Due to government policy which has raised the standards on the need and importance for safety, we carry out precision safety diagnosis such as exterior and performance degradation inspections and load tests to prevent disasters and to increase the efficiency of facilities.
05Water Quality Management and Waste Treatment

Water Quality Management and Waste Treatment

Due to growing interest in the environment and intensification of environmental pollution issues caused by industrial growth, the government is pursuing projects on environmental improvement and conservation. In order to actively take part in these efforts, we design water quality management and waste treatment facilities based upon eco-friendly technology, the best professional workforce, and experience.
06Machinery, Electricity, and Information Telecommunications

Machinery, Electricity, and Information Telecommunications

We design various plant facilities to pursue harmony with nature and to improve living conditions in order to promote conveniences for people and to play a leading role in the development of the national industries.
07Overall Impact Evaluation (environment, disaster prevention, traffic)

Overall Impact Evaluation

Advanced forecasting on the effects of constructing social infrastructure, housing and industrial complexes, and tourist attractions; disaster management and protection of the natural ecology through vibration reduction and review of various impact evaluations; and establishment of traffic handling measures