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Creating a Comfortable Environment and Construction of a City Good to Live In !

Introduction to projects

Hwasung puts into practice and thinks about the environment first one step ahead of our competitors. We are currently carrying out designing, construction, and start-up operations in fields such as water quality, air quality, waste treatment, and noise/vibration. In the process, we are accumulating an abundance of experience and a high-level know-how.
We are a comprehensive and expert company when it comes to the environment. Following trends which have made the industrial sector more diversified, high-tech, and large-scale, we are building efficient systems to solve any environmental problems through the adoption of technologies from advanced nations as well as our own R&D activities.
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A new growth industry heading toward a pleasant future!
With our accumulated technological know-how and an abundance of experience, we have been conducting design, construction, and operations in various fields such as water treatment, waste treatment, and recycling•renewable energy providing the best quality environment services.
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Water Quality

Water is an abundant resource we can easily acquire but there are places across the globe facing water shortages. In order to solve the water shortage problem by increasing the proportion of potable water, Hwasung is leading the fields such as waterworks and advanced water treatment facilities, waste treatment facilities, livestock wastewater and excreta treatment facilities, and water recycling facilities.


Air Quality & Waste

Based upon the best technology in the country, we have concentrated our efforts in developing eco-friendly systems in the field of waste incinerators and solid refuse fuel facilities. In addition to adopting new domestic and foreign technologies for appropriate processing of wastes, we are coming up with new designs which combine advanced technology which are suited to local situations.


Recycling & Renewable Energy

Our recycling & renewable energy businesses involve the collection and recycling of waste resources and future-oriented projects to replace fossil fuels such as solar power, wind power, and fuel cells.
This field presents the fundamental solutions towards environmental problems which have become major issues as modern societies continue to grow and it is where sustainable development is derived from.
We are continuously developing new technologies and accumulating abundant knowledge to engage in projects in these fields which are expected to become one of the largest industries along with water quality and waste treatment.