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Housing Business

Creating a Comfortable Environment and Construction of a City Good to Live In !

Introduction to projects

Green design that changes the world – Dream designer Hwasung Park Dream / New human-oriented housing cultures where technology exists in harmony with nature

In addition, we have actively contributed to the completion of high quality buildings suited to the local environment which requires advanced building technology such as intelligent buildings. We have also been playing a leading role in the field of public buildings through continuous Hwasung, which has presented a new human-oriented housing culture of the future where technology exists in harmony with nature across the nation including the first and second new cities in the metropolitan area, is doing its best to fulfill its mission as a dream designer that transforms the world into a beautiful and better place to live in through its housing project brand, Park Dream. Hwasung Park Dream has been selected as a Good Design for 8 consecutive years and has received numerous awards such as Best Apartment to Live In, Grand Prize in Housing Culture, various architecture awards and the Grand Prize for Landscaping. It receives recognition from foreign organizations for its quality and technology in addition to acclaim from its residents.
Through continuous R&D and innovation/improvement for the development and quality construction of New Plane Technology, Hwasung plans to practice management aimed at customer satisfaction. In the field of marketing strategy, we plan to break down the processes from the planning and design phases of the product to where consumer needs are incorporated to come up with consumer-oriented products in order to lead the housing market focusing on the end users.
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A new housing culture that harmonizes high technology with nature!
Hwasung unfolds new human-oriented housing cultures of the future where technology exists in harmony with nature all across the nation. We are putting our best efforts into fulfilling our calling as a dream designer that strives to transform the world into a beautiful place to live in through Park Dream, our housing project brand.
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Apartment Housing

A trend leader leading a new housing culture and raising the brand value of Park Dream
Hwasung maximizes the efficiency of spaces including apartments that have maximized space efficiently, conveniences of daily life, and property value; apartment complexes which express pride as a landmark; town houses and suburban houses which lead trends using eco-friendly construction techniques. Furthermore, we are putting our heart and soul into our work through quality development and product research which lead trends in housing culture.
Hwasung will continue to strive in raising the brand value of Park Dream even further and will create a new housing culture space for the future in harmony with nature and social value centered upon people just as we have been doing over the years.



Perfect location, compact space – an officetel which contains everything necessary for daily life
– Park Dream CITY
Meticulous selection of location, unique space configuration, convenience facilities that enhance the lifestyle of its residents, and a community facility which will raise interaction between neighbors…
Through meticulous selection of storage spaces and customized space, we present a compact living space suited to trends such as the increase of 1~2 person homes and downsizing of houses.


Maintenance Business

Continuing success stories in the business of maintenance such as renovations and redevelopment
– Best Creator
A trusted and reliable construction company that is a leader not only in housing but also in urban regeneration – As a constructor trusted by the association, Hwasung is a Best Partner that supplies quality apartment buildings and is recognized for our technology and quality.
Hwasung will do its best to continue its success story in the maintenance business which breathes value into spaces with the goal of transforming the existing urban and housing environment into one which is better to live in.