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Steel Fabrication Business

Creating a Comfortable Environment and Construction of a City Good to Live In !

Introduction to projects

Through the state-of-art equipment and automation systems which give birth to new unique construction methods for pioneering the future of the construction industry, we fabricate and supply steel structures needed to construct buildings and facilities.
We possess equipment and systems which minimize human labor and maximize product quality. We also hold certification as a steel processing factory in the field of construction and bridge building from the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. Moreover, we have the ability to produce any shape of product under the most difficult situations through our quality management system.
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Producing steel structures with automated systems and advanced equipment!
We have obtained certification for our steel fabrication factories in the field of construction and bridges. Therefore, we are able to fabricate and supply steel structures of all shapes through our quality control system.
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Steel Frame

We create comfortable urban spaces through the construction of new spaces. We are taking the lead in creation of comfortable urban spaces based upon various experiences with high quality products which require construction technology of the future such as intelligent buildings that include high-rise officetels, banks, schools cultural centers, and etc.
We possess the best equipment and technology from fabricating steel frames for buildings such as EXCO, Kim Dae-jung Convention Center, Andong Stadium which have been certified with ISO9001 for painting and construction.


Steel Bridges

We prepare a foundation for national growth by building strong and safe bridges. Steel bridges used in various construction work on structures such as bridges, overpasses, T-grade roads, etc. are not only create less noise and vibration but also has a higher load capacity making it stronger and safer.
We add safety to steel structures through impeccable construction according to standard construction specifications to produce complete automated systems such as line 3 of the Daegu Subway and the Pusan-Ulsan Highway.