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Creating a Comfortable Environment and Construction of a City Good to Live In !


  • 2009.12 Received the excellence award at the Korea Public Works∙Construction Technology Awards (North Seoul Dream Forest Park)
  • 2008.06 Selected as a company that has improved its corporate governance (Korea Stock Exchange)
  • 2006.09 Selected as a company with “Excellent Labor-Management Culture” (Ministry of Labor)
  • 2005.10 Received the President’s Award at the Korean Architecture Awards (Dalseong County Office)
  • 2005.09 Launched the Hwasung Volunteer Group
  • 2004.12 Selected as one of ‘Korea’s TOP 10 Landscapes’ (World Cup Peace Park)
  • 2004.10 Received the Grand Prize from the Ministry of Environment in the ‘Ecological Green Landscaping’ sector (Bucheon Citizen's River)
  • 2004.10 Compliance Program (CP) implemented
  • 2003.11 Received the Grand Prize of the Seoul Landscape Award (World Cup Peace Park)
  • 2002.07 Declared ethical management of the company
  • 2002.04 Purchasing Card System (bill payment abolished) introduced
  • 2001.08 Quality & Environment Policy of the company declared
  • 2001.05 Construction started on Line 1 of Daejeon Subway
  • 2001.01 Head office moved to a new office building (Hwanggeum-dong)