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Technology Innovation

Creating a Comfortable Environment and Construction of a City Good to Live In !


The Manufacturing equipment & method of the Rib type PC(Precast Concrete) SLAB (Patent No. 10-2220309)
ICC girder (Patent No. 10-2051320)
CRP girder (Patent No. 10-2008516)
Water purification and treatment installations (Patent No. 10-1620794-0000)
Manufacturing methods for subsidiary materials used in high-strength color PC (Patent No. 10-0125366-00-00)
Apparatus for manufacturing curvilinear track beams for monorails in a mold room (Patent No. 10-1212729-00-00)
Non-powered water-jet spraying device for wastewater (Patent No. 10-0638116-00-00)
Manufacturing method for colored concrete (Patent No. 10-0221012-00-00)
Chemical deodorizer capable of treating various types of harmful gases (Patent No. 10-0297506-00-00)
Waste water processing device (Patent No. 10-0381059-00-00)

Utility Model Patents

Utility Model Patents
H-type overflow pipe (for wastewater) (Patent No. 0379348)
Vertical connecting device for prefabricated wall (Patent No. 0142624)
Vertical connecting device for wall panels (Patent No. 0134912)
Metal hook for butchered livestock (Patent No. 0169194)
Floor panel of steel reinforced concrete tank (Patent No. 0224138)
Combustion efficiency increasing apparatus of the pusher-type incinerator (Patent No. 0158867)

New Technology

New Technology
4-stage BNR process using flow-type waste tire media and spiral cyclic-type conical diffuser (Registration No. 176)